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  • Marching Into Greatness

    Marching Into Greatness

    Let us continue to pray without ceasing that this month brings good tidings to all around the Globe.

  • The Killer CROWN 🤴 👸 👑

    I’m Corona, the killer CROWN I speak Latin, and Greek The Greeks call me WREATH It was boring staying with the SUN and the STARS I left for my next target The planet EARTH With my presidential ride The fourth, and the final HORSEMAN I first landed in CHINA After my exploration and havoc creation […]

  • Mourning

    Mourning, or morning? Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted It’s Sunday morning Lots of people in mourning Who died you asked? The reason is dead Legend is dead Justice is dead Love is dead The dead can’t be revived That’s why it hurts so much Hate is reborn Injustice comes to […]

  • S.A.N.E

    The world is full of chaos Insanity, and no respect for human life Too much hate, and not enough love to go around Playing with human lives, even the creator himself dare not to take that path Sometimes I wonder, did he really create us in His own image? Or in the process of creating […]

  • Psalm 20:4

    What drives you? What pledges did you make for 2020? Are you still on the thinking or acting phase? Well think no more For the Almighty will give you the desires of your heart And make all your plans succeed All you need to do is to take the first step. Stop desiring and start […]