The world is full of chaos

Insanity, and no respect for human life

Too much hate, and not enough love to go around

Playing with human lives, even the creator himself dare not to take that path

Sometimes I wonder, did he really create us in His own image?

Or in the process of creating us, something evil corrupted our DNA

For crying out loud, we humans and not monsters

If the creator gives life, and us mere humans can’t

How dare we take it away like it’s nothing?

In this big world, there is room for everyone

Stop all the fighting, because in the end, if we got lucky

It’s only six feet and clothing on our backs

The world might not remember our existence again

All we need is order and SANE

In a world filled with chaos and insanity

Life is full of Joke, and I ain’t laughing


When my world is filled with chaos and insanity

I thank God I have a SANE in my world to keep me in check

We all need a SANE, least we vanish without a trace

In a power struggle to make a point without respect for human life.

In our quiet moment, as we pray, let’s ask God for SANITY, and order in this our world filled with CHAOS

For only SANE is the answer to the chaos we brought on ourselves

As we all know, there is no rest for the wicked

So, all we need is SANE in our lives

And only when we experience SANE, can we have PEACE, LOVE, and TRANQUILITY


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