Call me unbelievable, because I’m unpredictable

Mysterious, and oversensitive

When I bear my heart out, you say I’m rude

Then I try to bottle it in/ but a lid on it

The only one left to suffer is I, as you are left unperturbed

Then when I cannot hold it any longer, I explode

You get upset, and now I’m labeled miss unpredictable

Truth be told you’re right, I’m unbelievably dumb

Dumb enough to stick around, while you do the same thing over, and over again

How could I possibly think the outcome will be different

You see me as a negative thinker

But boo, you got it all wrong, I’m a critical thinker who sees the world differently

I guess that’s why I will always be miss unbelievable to you

At least when I cease to appear in your radar, that part will be believable to you

Until that happens, I will continue to entertain you ♥️💜 ❤️


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