The Killer CROWN 🤴 👸 👑

I’m Corona, the killer CROWN

I speak Latin, and Greek

The Greeks call me WREATH

It was boring staying with the SUN and the STARS

I left for my next target

The planet EARTH

With my presidential ride

The fourth, and the final HORSEMAN

I first landed in CHINA

After my exploration and havoc creation

I got ambitious and decided to visit other COUNTRIES

I’m a mixture of everything

I’m royalty, respect the CROWN

I love to rule, and I rule with FEAR

I’m the killer crown…

I radiate with fear

Only few that dared to gaze upon my crown, and lived to tell the TALE

The world’s best chance of decrowning me is through proper hand hygiene and prayers.

The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords is your only defense against me

SARS has nothing on me

I travel through the speed of light

I’m faster than FLASH

Before you can sneeze, I’m with ten more victims

I’m the real deal

I’m royalty with murderous intent and killer instinct

I just want the world to feel my WRATH

And to live in fear of the killer CROWN


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