Father Time

Father time is playing tricks on me

Its sick joke is worse on birthdays

Each year I celebrate my birthday…

Father time is constantly reminding me that I’m getting old

Old and accomplished nothing

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that I’m aging

But am I aging gracefully with senses?

I don’t think so.

I cannot keep up with father time

I even surrounded myself with Analog watches like Kors, Armani

Trying to keep up with father time, I still can’t

I got 2 Casio watches not showing up here because they are even worse

I will be in the 28th day, and its days still showing 27th confusing me the more.

In case you doubt me here see it for yourself

I decided to change from analog to digital

With the new smart watches floating the internet

Hoping maybe it can outsmart father time

 I went ahead and added Apple 3 series to the collection

Father time laughed at me

One minute we are in January first the next five minutes we are in June

I still can’t keep up.

Not even with a smart watch

No matter how expensive the watch is;

Be it Rolex, Bovet, Piaget, or Hublot etc.

You still cannot keep up

I guess there is a reason it’s called father time

I can only try to pace faster; no one can keep up with father time

Only father time can outrun itself

Cheers to father time

Still won’t stop me from trying though


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