I’m history

I’m history

Life full of mystery


They say misery loves company

I guess you can call me misery

Am I suffering from Melancholy?

Maybe I’m, press pause on that

Add history to my list of names too

Those who ignore history tend to repeat it.

I guess it’s something history and I have in common

I make same mistake over and over again

So nothing left than to change my name to history

I’m Mystical, Superstitious

Super cautious

Probably too cautious for my own good

Or should I say not cautious enough

I’m irascible

Very  Capricious

Too Fastidious… one of my Capricorn traits

They say I’m unpredictable, walk in my shoes then you might change your opinion

My manager says I have a fickle mind like a woman

My boyfriend call me Assumpta because I assume a lot

My coworkers call me Luchis poo

But I chose to call myself history

In case you are wondering why,

I will tell why…

My faith and history are entwined.


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