Letter To Life


Dear life, we met while I’m still in the womb

In the womb you told me that you are easy to get along with

But there are other humans who make you (LIFE) appear difficult.

We formed a bond, which you also told me the only thing that is…

Strong enough to break it(BOND), is DEATH

You assured me you will be with me until it APPEARS

Since then, you have been teaching me life lessons

You have watched me make mistakes time and time again

You have been with me through thick and thin

When I’m sad and in tears you are there cheering me up

When I’m happy and all smiles you are there rejoicing with me

Dear life, I don’t know where I will be without you

Oh I know, having everlasting sleep

Stories have it, that when you break up with a human they find peace

The living can fabricate lies to make themselves  feel better

The truth is, no one really knows.

But the only thing that is truth and real is…

The family, and friends of SHE/HE that is no longer suffers

Dear life, I appreciate your honesty

Dear life, you and I will continue our friendship

You will see through me how cold this world is

Everything is freezing fast, humans take you likely

I love you so much life and I pray that you love me back

Dear life, in this bitter cold world, I’m happy to tell you that,

I will always be honored to ride alongside you till my sweet end.


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