President Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus plan passed By The House Democrats

Democrats have embraced the Biden stimulus plan, which would provide billions of dollars for schools and vaccine distribution, as well as another round of direct payments to Americans.
President Biden and Dr.Jill FLOTUS holding hands as they exit the plane

The house passes the 1.9 trillion Coronavirus relief package proposed by the sitting president with 219-212 votes. That is the first hurdle considering that most republicans and democrats see it as a waste. Some say the economy is doing well, and the bill is pointless, and forgetting that the economy might be doing well. But millions of American citizens who got impacted by this pandemic are still struggling emotionally, financially, and otherwise.

President Biden’s pandemic package passes house with a 219 nays of vote to 212 yes votes this Saturday Credit… Oliver Contreras for The New York Times

For instance, “This isn’t a relief bill,” said Representative Kevin McCarthy of California, the Republican leader. “It takes care of Democrats’ political allies, while it fails to deliver for American families.”

House passes $1.9T pandemic bill on near party-line vote |

House speaker, ” The minimum wage increase is a value, this is a priority, and we will get it done, but let’s not be distracted from what is happening in this legislation.”

The house democrat’s still race to save the minimum wage raise, and let us see how the bill will fair in the senate. Will the house democrats succeed or not? Let’s see if the Christmas gift will come earlier this year.

Credit: The New York Times

By Emily Cochrane and Jim Tankersley