Matthew Mitch Brave Attempt To Immerse Himself In workout, With One Goal In Mind, ” Train Gay Away.”

Olympics: Heartbreaking truth behind Matthew Mitcham's rise

The juice keeps getting juicier as this 2008 Olympic first out historic gay Beijing gold winner failed in an attempt to mask his sexual orientation in training. He was so ashamed and frightened of being gay as a youth, he tried using pain to train him into being straight.

Matthew Mitcham with husband.
Photo credit: DONALD PADGETT

 The 32-year-old Mitcham voiced how scared he was before coming out, referring to his gay sexuality. According to Mitcham, he would tie a rubber band around his wrist, and every time he had a gay thought, he would snap it, tries to associate pain and suffering with gay thinking, and this was to train himself out of being gay.

No one should have to suffer for who they are, whom they chose to love, and I’m glad he figured it out on time and finally wed with the man of his dreams. Love should be celebrated and not labeled. I hope his bravery will set an example for anyone out there struggling from one thing or the other. Be it mental health issues, abuse, or sexuality’s not to be afraid to seek help, speak up, and not fear being labeled different.

Can one train themselves out of being gay? In case you are practicing this out there or still in the thought process. It is safe to say the Olympic gold medalist answered it for you.

Credit: Out