To be alone or not to be alone?

 I was born alone

Made me feel alone

Tried to mingle but somehow, I always end up alone

In my final days, no doubt I will die alone

As I lay me down guessing at the ceiling

Head lost in the clouds alone with my painful thoughts

I asked myself where did it all go wrong

There is only one common denominator to my misery

I alone am the only common factor behind my loneliness

Being alone can be a blessing. But these days it feels like a curse to me

I used to brag about been alone

Only to find out as one gets older is no longer fun anymore

Alone is how I feel, but then again is better to feel alone when you are truly alone

Than to feel alone when you’re in a relationship

Worst feeling ever

Alone is my name, is a choice I will have to make

To avoid making a caricature of my feelings, and myself.

Alone is not the best choice, but when you’re destined to be alone

Even the universe is spelling it out for you, it’s an impossible choice

The only choice you’re left to make

It’s the dealer’s choice and alone is the only hand I’m dealt with

A choice I will have to live with.

Alone with my chain of thoughts

As I bid this painful world a lonely and sad goodbye.


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