Bird In The Sky


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Bird in the sky

Free as the wind

Got me smiling, feeling so light

Sun in the sky

Shinning so bright

Bright and morning star

Light to my world

The world is a stage

Stage I perform

As I watch life passes by

At this stage of my life,

There’s nothing I want more than to be like the bird in the sky

Free to fly high into the sky

Feel the wind on my skin

As it blows me high up in the sky

Making the sky my starting point

As I feel the wind blowing on my face, brings me tranquility

I will keep envying the bird in the sky

As it flies freely and feeling the wind at its peak.

My only wish is that the bird in the sky

Will understand how much freedom it got

And how much others wish they got wings that they can spread and fly that high up the sky.

To the bird in the sky, how does it feel when the sun is up and you are out there?

To the bird in the sky, enjoy the wind as much as you can and keep soaring higher

I will be down here watching.


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