Bleeding Heart

Luchis Blog

My heart is being reaped out from my chest 

I feel like I’m suffocating as I drown in my own blood

I self- diagnose myself

Bleeding heart it is 

Like a computer, I garbage in  hundred percent

Getting a hundred percent bullshit back

My heart feels like it’s stopping  as it bleeds out 

Someone should  inject me with a clotting factor

My heart is bleeding out fast and my pulse is getting weaker 

 Please get me a heart surgeon  to operate on me 

My bleeding heart needs a repair

Stopping it from bleeding out.

 I can’t think straight now,

I change my mind, I will do the surgery myself.

  Leaving me with a bleeding heart 

 My search continues hoping this heart will last  me a little longer

There got to be a remedy out there for my bleeding heart