Women Reign! Wicked Reign!


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Women reign; wicked reign

Money and power make it rain

Gum and sweet make it rain

You give a  head to get ahead

His attention changed

You get enraged and your story changed

Now is power to the women being raped and abused

Preaching it’s time for women to take a stand

Under the pretense to make a change

But you are out to get revenge

Insulting the memory of women who actually got raped and abused for real

Let’s not forget your deal got you money and fame

Now you pissed because his attention changed

You out for blood and revenge

When you return your trophies and money

Then maybe you have the right to preach for a change

These women reign is nothing but a wicked reign

Their faux to empower women is too ersatz

Only the most credulous will buy their little charade

Women reign wicked reign

 The flood your rain  created Is sweeping everyone away

If you did wrong, by all means, I don’t mind you getting drowned

As long as it’s real and you are not insulting the memory of women who actually got raped and abused for real! You can keep your Reign!



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