The Unforgettable Kiss


Oh how I have been longing for your lips

Not one day that passed without been hunted with what your lips might taste like

Every passing moment, especially when I’m very close to you…

I feel my heart racing and there is an unspoken attraction between us.

The chemistry was real, but I dare not approach you because I wasn’t so sure how well you will receive my advances.

Let alone my complicated life, little do I know that, you didn’t care about anything other than to have me at your side.

Friends we become, friends I lied to myself I want us to be while I observe you.

Each time at every provocation, I threatened you with leaving.

I said it one last time on that faithful day and you took me up on my offer, and then I realized you are not just my friend but the love of my life.

The man I have been waiting my whole adult life to meet.

I called you up, after hours of explanations and rehashed apology as you call it which is not we finally meet.

It was a dark and cold night with little wind and slight rain, the  street light is still on and  I drove all night to get to you was playing. The mood was perfect.

The kiss was long overdue, you were busy with your tongue and the feeling was electrifying.

Between my indecisiveness, I finally kissed you, and to my surprise you are so far the best kisser I have ever known and I will never dream to kiss another but you.

Your lips was so soft, and succulent, and you reciprocated

I’m still puzzled as to where you learned to kiss like that, we have been kissing ever since but our first kiss is a very unforgettable one.


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