Two Distant Souls With One Heartbeat

No matter how far apart each soul wanders…

They always yawn for each other

They both have one heartbeat

Each soul recognizes when the other needs attention

They both recognize when one is in need of the other’s help

One soul is corrupt, the other is pure

Together they complement each other very well.

Every time they have the opportunity to be together

Something always comes in between

They both refused to accept their faith

Stayed apart with the thought of the other

Bound together by one heart, they cannot escape their destiny

They are still fighting for the chance to truly be with one another.

If one soul will let go of fears and believe in the other

Their match will be that made in heaven. If it’s not too late

Separate they are unhappy; together with their heartbeats as one.

The faith of two distant souls and one heart rest on each other.