The Novice Love Doctor Aspiring To Be The Guru Love Doctor


Am I the novice love doctor

Who think itself as the guru love doctor

or am I the novice love doctor who wants to become the guru love doctor?

I will go with the latter

because I’m still…

Living in fantasy love Island

With dreaming version of what real love looks like

Although I talk love

Although I know love

Guess what? Real love eludes me

Love is real

I know it is, just have to wake up to reality

To know and feel reality love

To understand reality love

I speak love language,

But only meet people who speak love but in a different language

Do you know most people speak in tongues when it comes to language of love?

If only I can follow my own teaching/preaching

It’s high time I  get with reality

Change my status from novice to expert

Stop aspiring and become a Guru

Next time we meet on the love Island…

 I will be introducing you to the guru love doctor with the novice dropped!


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