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  • Life Buttons

    Life Buttons

    Life is a pulse If you can’t feel it, you are lifeless A pulseless life is full of a chasm Life is like an exam Get an A-plus and receive an applause Get a D minus get appalling remarks If you are in the fast lane You can press the pause button  Life button is […]

  • Self-reflection

    I woke up in the morning saw my reflection in the mirror I couldn’t recognize myself From size eight to twenty-eight From figure eight to big twenty-eight I murdered my self-respect long time ago I went ahead and murdered my image Changed a perfect image to a broken image Still on self-reflection You can call […]

  • Love Impossible

    Finding true love  is a miracle It’s  beautiful when reciprocated It can be ugly when refused  Each time life deals me a new hand I got stuck with the same result, love impossible I got a heart full of love, not enough juice to change my faith  Love impossible  with a heart full of doubts and […]

  • Women Reign! Wicked Reign!

      Women reign; wicked reign Money and power make it rain Gum and sweet make it rain You give a  head to get ahead His attention changed You get enraged and your story changed Now is power to the women being raped and abused Preaching it’s time for women to take a stand Under the […]

  • Games

    My babe and I got small eyes But we dream big  We both dreamers, we love to dream  We both wake from two small dreams  Making it one big reality  We are two dreamers that love to game  Life is full of puzzles Puzzles that we embark on a quest together to solve We both […]