Safe Again?

Feelings were hurt, and words get thrown around

Promises were made

Is It safe again?

It hurts so much, and when It does, It feels like I’m suffocating

No air in my lungs and my heart had to work overtime

To give my lungs, the oxygen that It requires

When that happens, I get chest tightness, and it hurts so deeply

Deep enough to leave some scars

So Is It safe to assume it’s safe again?

Scars can be beautiful, and also ugly at the same time

If it’s safe again, I can create a beautiful memory out it

Memories sweet enough, that when one venture inside

It will be like a paradise that everyone dreams of

You gave me your word, and it’s good enough for me to assume that It’s safe again

Show me that you love me to the moon๐ŸŒ™ ๐ŸŒ by making it safe again

So let’s raise our wine glass and cheer to safety, good health, peace, happiness, and no more hot and cold love.


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