Permanent Love

Permanent love

Your love is kind

Your love is my joy

Your love gives me happiness

Your love forgives me when I wronged you

Although you remember my wrongs

But we joke about it and you never hold it against me.

Some will say love keeps no record of wrongs,

But we are humans and will be lying to ourselves that we forget.

Your love keeps me warm at night

Your love brightens my day

Your love keeps daydreaming at noon

What more can I say about your love for me?

Oh I remember!

Your love is genuine.

You make other women envy to become me

Never give me a reason to doubt you

Your promise is knowing you is something I will not regret

You promised me permanent love

I feel like I’m on top of the world already

My love in return I offered you what you longed for…

My undivided attention and my heart

I love you with passion

Together lets show the world that a love like ours is still in existence (PERMANENT LOVE)

Please accept my invisible kisses all over your body

I love you so much

Happy Valentine’s Day my LOVE


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