Houstonians!We Will Rise Up Again!

Houston weather is bipolar as we all know…

but this is like we have never seen or experienced before.

Harvey dealt us one Houstonians

Monday the weather looked funny

We expected Eclipse

It stood us up…

By Friday, the uninvited visitor,

Ignored its denied request and visited

Thunder roars as the lightning crackles

As the rain continues to pour

Bayou’s continues to rise, roads completely submerged in water

Houses flooded, thousands devastated without homes

Harvey in its wake made sure its name will be remembered.

It hit us hard…

Where there is life, there is hope…

We will rebuild!

We will recover!

We will heal!

It may take years, something tells me we will be alright

It’s still raining, flash flood warnings going off every second

We will not be discouraged

We have prayed, God will not Abandon US

He promised not to destroy us with water again

To everything there is a purpose

He knew before it happened, he will continue to keep us dry and safe!

Hurricane Harvey we all hoped you won’t wreak havoc being a guy

 But you broke our hearts, but not our spirit and left lots of disaster in your wake

We will rise up again! stronger and better!

Pray without ceasing for Houstonians we are not out of the woods yet.


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