Hello It’s June


Just woke up to the month of June

June woke me up with a Jello,no with a hello

June: Hello Jane

Jane: Hi June, is that you? OMG is it the middle of the year already?

June: Yes It is, I’m sorry to disappoint you

Jane: Just Understand No Excuse June,

I need you to Start with a Just Song and End with a Just praise

June: I’m only getting started; I only end how you start, so quit whining and work with me.

June: Don’t go around blaming me, there is always room for errors just fix it before months end.

I’m pleased to let you know…

We will have great laughter, love and life in our 30 days together.

Jane- yes June you are right, I will work with you.

Hopefully we can end you with a love song.

To June I’m staying tuned, just understand No Excuse

We are going to Jump up and down dancing to whatever we Juned into or should I say tuned into.

Viva La Vida June!

Till the next 29 days of course 

To the World, Happy New Month !