Life is full of complication

Too blind to see it

Too dumb to understand it

Swallowed a white tablet

Ended up in a situation

I find a solution to the situation on a Tuesday

But the scar remains

Life is full of complication

A careless mistake turns fun to farce

Life is sweet, love is sweet

Complication turns sweet love and life sour

If its true love it will withstand the pressure

Life itself is a bitter pill to swallow

Sends its gifts to those who don’t need it

To those who need it, it sends regrets.

To those who don’t need it sends regards

Life is full of complication

Life is complicated because it’s full of puzzles

Puzzled it feels when you finally understand how humans react to pressure, and deals with issues

It’s easy to find a solution, but some solutions leave you with a scar

Life won’t be as interesting without scars

Your scars are what makes life more interesting at the same time more complicated.


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