Buckingham’s Palace and Its Reaction To The Sussexes Wish To Attend The Queen’s Jubilee

Prince William Feels Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Were 'Disrespectful' to  Queen Elizabeth, Royal Expert Says | Entertainment Tonight

Queen Elizabeth will be celebrating her platinum Jubilee next year sometime in June of 2022. It will mark 70 years of her being a monarch. The Sussexes, having been stripped of their titles and not returning to their former position as senior royals, still intend to attend the Queen platinum jubilee. A piece of news that did not sit well with Buckingham’s Palace. Harry plans to be there for his grandmother, but they[Buckingham Palace] might be worried about the awkwardness, how to behave around them and what seats to reserve for them. The good news is they still have a year to sort it out, and who knows, a lot can change before then.