Advantages Of Being In A Secret Relationship

1.                   When your significant other dumps you, it won’t be a public humiliation. Before I used to think, maybe the person is not proud to be seen with you, true there is that, then again you will so much feel better if no one knows but you though.

2.                  Keeps your enemies gazing. They can’t attack you directly if you are not flashing your successful relationship around. Of course, the exception is if you are already married, you can do whatever you like.

3.                  Opens windows of opportunities. For instance, if the person is so not into you and you are flashing them up and down, chances are you going to lose that one decent human that really cared about you and wanted something more.

4.                Endless   happiness .They might be in another relationship, here you are flashing it, and when it’s discovered, sadness sets in, but when it’s still a secret, you were all happy and enjoying every bit of it.

5.                  100% success guaranteed. Here’s what I mean, the secret to a successful relationship is keeping it a secret till you are both ready for the world.  


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