Month: January 2020

  • Safe Again?

    Feelings were hurt, and words get thrown around Promises were made Is It safe again? It hurts so much, and when It does, It feels like I’m suffocating No air in my lungs and my heart had to work overtime To give my lungs, the oxygen that It requires When that happens, I get chest […]

  • Unbelievable

    Call me unbelievable, because I’m unpredictable Mysterious, and oversensitive When I bear my heart out, you say I’m rude Then I try to bottle it in/ but a lid on it The only one left to suffer is I, as you are left unperturbed Then when I cannot hold it any longer, I explode You […]

  • S.A.N.E

    The world is full of chaos Insanity, and no respect for human life Too much hate, and not enough love to go around Playing with human lives, even the creator himself dare not to take that path Sometimes I wonder, did he really create us in His own image? Or in the process of creating […]

  • The Last Tears

    My first emotion, and my first word For the first time visiting the human world, I was discombobulated, and the only way to express how I felt was through tears Ever since then I have been tearing up for more than two decades So, now I’m all dried up Besides, tears solve nothing, but the […]

  • 4.0

    Your love radiance was too bright, and it blinded my eyes I’m guessing that is why they said love is blind Too scared to open my eyes, and see through your bullshit It baffles me how you can fake it with a clear conscience Love is true, and its power is limitless Even the good […]