Month: February 2018

  • Letter To Life

    Letter To Life

      Dear life, we met while I’m still in the womb In the womb you told me that you are easy to get along with But there are other humans who make you (LIFE) appear difficult. We formed a bond, which you also told me the only thing that is… Strong enough to break it(BOND), […]

  • Little Miss Judge From Georgia

    Little Miss Judge From Georgia

      Little Miss Judge from Georgia You judge everything that breathes Hold on, who died and made you judge and jury? Take a good look at yourself in the mirror, tell me what you see You see your reflection right or something immaculate? No you only see your imperfect reflection correct me if I’m wrong […]

  • The Novice Love Doctor Aspiring To Be The Guru Love Doctor

    The Novice Love Doctor Aspiring To Be The Guru Love Doctor

      Am I the novice love doctor Who think itself as the guru love doctor or am I the novice love doctor who wants to become the guru love doctor? I will go with the latter because I’m still… Living in fantasy love Island With dreaming version of what real love looks like Although I […]

  • Permanent Love

    Permanent Love

    Permanent love Your love is kind Your love is my joy Your love gives me happiness Your love forgives me when I wronged you Although you remember my wrongs But we joke about it and you never hold it against me. Some will say love keeps no record of wrongs, But we are humans and […]

  • The Unforgettable Kiss

    The Unforgettable Kiss

      Oh how I have been longing for your lips Not one day that passed without been hunted with what your lips might taste like Every passing moment, especially when I’m very close to you… I feel my heart racing and there is an unspoken attraction between us. The chemistry was real, but I dare […]