The Last Tears

Luchis Blog

My first emotion, and my first word

For the first time visiting the human world,

I was discombobulated, and the only way to express how I felt was through tears

Ever since then I have been tearing up for more than two decades

So, now I’m all dried up

Besides, tears solve nothing, but the action does

If I must shed a tear, it will be tears of joy

For my salty tears which I have wasted, will last me for twenty generations to come

It’s twenty-twenty, no more tears, only joyous tears

If I have the right juice, my tears can create a seasonal stream

Given that it will be a salty stream, but the guarantee of afterward peace

Reverting to my former self, still retaining my kind heart

Will it be a stream of sadness or a stream of happiness?

Hence, the last tears, as I seat and observe how it will all play out.


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