Las Vegas Shooter An Act Of Terrorism, Deranged Man, Or That Of A Lost Soul?

Broken windows of the Mandalay Bay are seen early in Las Vegas on Monday. Police said the gunman fired on the crowd from the 32nd floor of the hotel.

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Paddock Stephen

At least 59 deaths and more than 500 hundred injured in Las Vegas shooting Sunday night at the country music festival. Which many are now calling the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history.

 Debris is scattered on the ground Monday, October 2, at the site of a country music festival held this past weekend in Las Vegas. Dozens of people were killed and hundreds were injured Sunday when <a href="" target="_blank">a gunman opened fire</a> on the crowd. Police said the gunman fired from the Mandalay Bay hotel, several hundred feet southwest of the concert grounds. It is the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history.

This is not a case of what happens in Vegas stays there, this time it can’t be covered up. Stephen Paddock 64, who left many hearts bleeding and homes in mourning at least own 42 guns. 23 found in his hotel room, and 19 at his residence. It has also come to light that before he carried this heinous act, he donated $ 100,000 to the Philippines, and FBI is working with their authorities to uncover the details.

Leaving me with the question, could he have been tired, had a psyche breakdown, or a deliberate act of terrorist? Maybe he racked up gambling debts, and then stumbled into the wrong people who paid him to commit this monstrous act? Well $100,000 if you ask me is not worth cutting someone’s life short, the fact remains, you cannot put a price on a life. Maybe in his own sick way easing his conscience.

Then again, could there be a cover up? How can only one man, do all this damage, and conveniently killed himself too. Could there be more than one shooter? If so, how long was it planned, before it was set in motion? Is this a way to tighten laws on gun control? Well guns are not the only way one can go, you can easily slip and fall hitting your head and boom you are gone, there is car accident, stabbing, etc. So, I don’t think that is the case. Did he lost his will to live and decide to take many with him? My head is full of questions, I don’t seem to find the right answers to.

Regardless what answers I come up with, still cannot justify what he did. It’s like venturing into the mind of a madman and getting lost in the process. Was he insane? But I doubt an insane man, will be able to pull off what he did. Therefore, I deemed him sane.

My question remains, how can a man with no criminal record wake up one night and committed what President Trump called “pure evil “? Except his late father been on FBI watch list up until 1977, this guy is clean. From your own assessment, do you think that the Las Vegas shooting was an act of terrorism, that of a deranged man or a lost soul? While on that thought, let’s not forget to pray for the dead to find peace and the living to find comfort. Amen!

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