Kate Henshaw Reveals Why She Will Never Relax Her Hair

Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw has revealed the reason she will never relax her hair.

Sharing the photo of a woman’s burnt scalp, Kate who wrote;

 This is a HUGE reason why I will remain with my kinky natural hair till the day God calls me home!!

I remember when I used to relax my hair many years ago, after application of the relaxer and I start feeling the heat, I will be told “wait a bit let it relax”…. Are you cooking, boiling or frying the hair???

Its madness!!!

I have a good mind of going to the salon and giving them a piece of my mind and call them out!!

You spend your money to be traumatised this way??? Nayheeeeee!!!

I will wear wigs to get any other look I want…

Now it’s a new fad called texturize… all lies to damage one’s hair..

What is wrong with the hair we are born with??

What is wrong with taking care of your OWN hair??


This is grievous bodily harm!! I am sooooo incensed!!!

Kinky all the way abeg!! I can’t shout…




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