Free Like The Clouds

Clouds are free

Clouds floats without a care in the world

Changes its mood when it’s about to rain

When it’s in perfect mood, it’s bright and clear

When moody it’s cloudy and dark still flowing freely.

In my next life I want to be like the cloud

So I can communicate with nature

Be friends with the rainbow…

Visit all 9 planets without a craft

My abode will be the sky

That way the sky will not be my limit but my starting point.

Freely rotating around the earth’s axis, with the remaining 8 planets included and seeing everything

In fact I will name my own cloud

I will call it Luchis cloud.

If you look hard you will find it shaped like an L

Floating freely with a smiley face attached to it.

If I’m a cloud when I’m happy I’ll bring beautiful rain to calm humans down

But If I’m in pain I will rain ice crystals still floating freely

Even in my pain state I will still bring coolness to humans through my ice crystals

But the world will still feel my pain and cool at same time

Free like the clouds it’s all I hope to be.


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