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I hear a tune playing in my head

It’s a very familiar tune

I played the tune myself

Maybe that is why it’s so familiar

Where are my dancing shoes?

I cannot resist this dance

It’s like I’m hypnotized

It’s a tiring dance

I swear it’s familiar

Unpleasant to the ears

Makes my heart beats faster

But I cannot resist this tune,

It’s not played by me

I need someone to unplug it from the source

And play me a different tune

So I can dance a

Dance filled with strength and energy

A dance of happiness not of sadness

It will take a strong hand with one of a kind tune

To pull me away from this dance floor

My heels are killing me

My dancing shoes are all torn

Still, I can’t keep my feet steady for a second

As I continue to dance till the inevitable change happens.


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