Your love radiance was too bright, and it blinded my eyes

I’m guessing that is why they said love is blind

Too scared to open my eyes, and see through your bullshit

It baffles me how you can fake it with a clear conscience

Love is true, and its power is limitless

Even the good book can attest to that

That’s why I can see through your camouflage

There is real love and there is fake love

I was on the love speed lane driving 180 and keeping it 100% real with you

But your camouflage attracted the love police

I got pulled over and cited for being blinded by your fake love

And acting out of character

I’m on my last lifeline

I have used all my luck

Even the universe has a say in it

That’s why from here on out

It’s going to be 4.0 love speed limit

Iā€™m going to take it slow to avert

Being in the danger zone

The helpless, hopeless, heartbroken zone

When all you can offer is your camouflage love

That will only placate me for the minute

Try all you want

But from here on out is going to be 4.0 love speed limit with you

Your love is an eye-opener, and I’m forever grateful.


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